- Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shooting The Star [2012]

Shooting The Star is my latest album, finished in august.
Actually I finished the recordings in august but the last mix was done today.

I believe it is my most accomplished album especially in the sound department; the songs have a mature feel to them compared to some of my other albums.

I used Nuendo for the recording and mixing and Sound Forge for compression. I also used other software for guitar effects and vocals like Guitar Rig and Gearbox and Ezy Drummer for the midi drums.

All songs were left in the same order I recorded them. I removed song number eight which only has the base guitar track, I never got to record anything else for it.

Love the guitar solo, I feel very good about it.

I like the vocal parts.

This is my favorite song from the album; I have a better version but the vocals are buried in the mix and then I lost the vocal track so I couldn't remix the original version. I had to record the vocal track again.

The first three songs are very similar to each other.

I tried to do a Stereolab tribute with this song, I like it but is not my favorite.

I love the backing vocals in this song, each time I listen to it I remember my version of Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend and think of how my vocal technique has improved over the years.

A pop song. Not my favorite.

My second favorite song from this album, it really surprised me how I found a melody for the vocals because I thought I was going to leave it as an instrumental. I thought it was going to be very difficult to record but in fact it was one of the easiest to record.

I like that it has two sections and both different from each other.

A simple rock song. I like it a lot. Simple things are better when done the right way.

A psychedelic song. I can't stop recording psych songs.

Sort of psychedelic with three fuzz tone guitar solos and some subtle changes.

An instrumental song. I never thought of writing lyrics for it and never did. Sort of psychedelic.


LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dbiihmb5smbvcm/ShootingStar.rar?dl=0


Anonymous said...

It took way longer than I expected to post this. I got off to a slow start listening to the new record and had to eventually burn Shooting Star to a CD to play during the drive to work. There was enough room on the cd to include another album, so I chose to add Road To The Soul which I shamefully was not very familiar with. That almost was too good of a choice as it became a very pleasant distraction.

As much as I like your past efforts, Shooting Star stands head and shoulders above anything else in your catalog. My impression is that you are mastering your craft in many different ways and it all seems to come together here. The song writing, vocals, drumming, quality of recording, and overall consistency of songs add up to setting a new standard for your music. One surprise that hit me recently was just how short most of the tracks are. I think that is because there is a lot to pay attention to, such as the way each instrument is played and the very distinctive sections in many of the songs. It was good to see you included some psychedelic flavoring towards the end as that has always been my soft spot when it comes to your music.

I was worried that you had lost your enthusiasm for recording new material. Boy was I wrong! The month of December was so much fun having Shooting Star to listen to. There have been many mornings when waking up that I hear songs from the album playing in my head - surely a true sign of love! This is not only what I consider to be your best album but it also stands right up there with my favorites from any artist. That is quite an achievement.

Un abrazo


Leonel Garcia said...

Thanks Paul,

I don't have to you how inspiring your words are.

I do think it's my best work to date and I'm spending a lot of time listening to this album, especially during the drive to work.

Every day I find a different favorite song from it.

Your comments boost my ego and help me improve because I'm already thinking of how to do it better or different on the next one.