- Sunday, July 1, 2012

Volume II: Underwater Meditations [2012]

Volume II: Underwater Meditations is my latest album. Recorded between 1997 and 2012 it includes in the first half some tracks that were part of an album of the same name recorded in 1997, the second half is comprised of leftover tracks and audio effects.

The cover is from a picture I took at Cokie Beach in St. Thomas in 2009.

Two Freaks was recorded with my niece when she was three years old, she's now eighteen!!!

Guardian was the first song recorded with my electronic drum set.

I just started re-recording the original Volume II album without the tracks added here which were just filler.

I hope the more experimental audience can find something good in here, for the audience in need for songs I have one album already in the process of writing lyrics so I will post it very soon (within a month).



Anonymous said...

Hi Leonel.

Happy 4th. Hopefully everyone in your family was able to celebrate today as an American citizen. I was naturalized at the age of five after my parents emigrated here from England, so I can appreciate what it means to be American even though our government is now more interested in serving the corporations rather than us.

My first thoughts after listening to a couple of tracks was that I was reminded of those avant-garde type of paintings, where the artist splashes paint across the canvas without regard to making it look like anything recognizable. But I realized as I continued on that many of these pieces actually are quite enjoyable. There may be too many random things going on to make the music work as a regular album that I would naturally gravitate to, but I am glad to add this your amazing works even though I do not know how it will end up fitting in. I suspect it will be treated as a curious collection of sounds that will cause me to play it from time to time.

I appreciate that you were bold enough to release this album. Even though I doubt that it will end up being one of my favorites, it will still be counted as an important part of your music catalog.


Leonel Garcia said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the wishes but I had to work yesterday because I for a health related software vendor and we work almost every day; today I go on vacation so is not that bad.

About the album the truth is that the cover took more time to produce than the track selection.

I just wanted to preserve those tracks especially the 1997 ones since my niece won't be 3 years old again, that was very improvised and it can't be duplicated/re-recorded. I will re-record some of those albums but the tracks in this album I will not do again because of its filler nature.

I want to tell you that I always look forward for your comments, not only because you are the only visitor who takes the time to say anything but your comments are inspiring and help me improve.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Ohio!

I am interested in your comment about re-recording some albums. Does that mean you have a few in mind that you hope to remake at some point in the future? If so, how do you decide which ones that you want to do and how much time does the recording process take compared to the original effort?



Leonel Garcia said...

Hi Paul,

The fact is I've only recorded one song from one of those albums, the track is 12 minutes long (the longest song from the album). The time it takes to re-record it will depend on the time I'd spend learning to play those songs which I haven't played since 1997.

I think it will take a long time until the next album because I'm getting lazier than ever and have a new nylon string acoustic/electric fender guitar that takes away all the time I assign to music daily. I haven't played an electric for a month.

As always I'm stuck in the lyrics department; the thing is that once I write one I finish the album in two days. I recorded a very good roots reggae track (no lyrics), so good that I can compare it to "real" roots reggae.

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