- Sunday, October 30, 2011

Awaiting Armageddon [2011]

Awaiting Armageddon is my latest album and the 3rd heavy album I've recorded.

My decision to post it for Halloween wasn't because of its dark songs, I just happened to finish it last night so it became a nice coincidence.

When I play hard/heavy rock I always try to emulate Black Sabbath because the band to me is the school for everything dark and heavy in music and I mean their first 5 or 6 albums. I wrote that introduction so you can understand where the inspiration came that way you don't have to figure out why this doesn't sound like Metallica or Motley Crue or Cannibal Corpse. This album is more like Black Sabbath trying to play like Superchunk or something like that.

I finished the music for this album in May 2011 but as always I get stuck in the lyrics and singing department. I have another album ready but don't have any lyrics. There's another in the process with rhythm guitars but have not recorded anything else for it. I think I will finish one of them before the end of the year, maybe, let's see.

The snake was placed first because of the organ intro that way when you play the album you get a chance to put the popcorn in the microwave and still have time to come back to the heavy guitars session. The snake is some kind of monster which holds a woman in its lair and makes her its wife, you could say the lyrics are over the top.

Yet another song related to the suicide of one of my best friends Peter Mercado.

Borrowed from "Up In Arms", this time it has a middle section. The song is about corporate domination, somehow we need to fight this monster.

Was the first song I recorded for the album, the guitars have some kind of flanger effect which I dislike and you don't get to hear it anywhere else on the album.

This one could have been recorded for "Above The Clouds" because the lyrics reflect the same sci-fi theme I explored in that album. It has a psychedelic middle section.

Well, it all has to come to an end; this is the middle section from "Runaway Spacecraft" played backwards with a couple of keyboards.

Treat the kids with candy when they knock on your door, you can treat yourself with something else if you want to while listening to this album.


NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4b7v5vgtukhblsv/Armageddon.rar?dl=0


Anonymous said...

This is a great sounding album. I like the songs here even more than those on The Black Lagoon (with the exception of the epic Ritual). Both albums are full of the Black Sabbath influences, which makes sense as you state in your notes that you try to emulate Black Sabbath when playing hard rock. Lost in the Morning Dew however, comes across as something different. Am I misunderstanding your remarks in regards to that album? I still pick it as my favorite out of the three mentioned here, especially with the alternative tracks included.

The most unique track is obviously Armageddon. I think it illustrates one of the talents that I admire in you. The best way I can describe it is that you don't just merely write and record songs, you often take the creative process one step further and produce what I refer to as highlights or parts of a song (or album) that stand out within your music. It can be as simple as adding subtle guitar play or a toilet flush, and as complex as Armageddon, where you rework a section of music into something new and original. It is like you let your imagination run loose with the music. There are plenty of examples of artists who have done it right (Beck, Floyd) but a large number of recording acts can't write their own music let alone evolve it into something magical. I think it is a sign of exceptional talent that your are able to work with music like that. Maybe it is a result of the psychedelia creative process that naturally branches out into your other areas of work, as I see it in many different music genres that you record.

Even with your mention in the notes of La Résistance Française that this album was forth coming, I had no clue what to expect from you and I love that. There is nothing wrong returning to a music style that you had covered before, but it is rare for a band to remain relevant after recording the same sound year after year.

I have more to comment on but enough rambling for now. Thank you indeed for Awaiting Armageddon, which I will proudly add to my collection!


Leonel Garcia said...

Thanks Paul,

Your comments are great and inspiring. You are one of the few people who make me try harder to do it better each time I sit down to record a song or noise (Armageddon).

I'm now experimenting and leaving behind the old software I used to record my songs with; I will post the last album recorded with that software as soon as I write the lyrics for it.

Right now I'm playing drums with my ION/Alesis midi drums and EZ Drummer and they sound incredible.

I'm using Nuendo to record which I tried before but found it too big (too many buttons and options) and I was too lazy to spend an hour to learn a new software. I stuck with the poor technique of mixing immediately after each instrument was recorded, this technique is so bad because you don't get to tune each instrument in the whole mix you have to assume how it will sound. This new beginning started because one of my co-workers who is an incredible drummer/singer/pianist pushed me into better recording techniques. he gave me great ideas and inspired me with his love for music and knowledge.

Although the new vision is to produce a more professional sound I still love the 70's recordings so my albums will not be very modern sounding.

Well, I hope you still find my music interesting for years to come; I always play what inspires me and don't think I'll ever record something I don't like just because people will "like" it ($$$).


Anonymous said...

It is always good to hear you announce that your production techniques are evolving. Hopefully your fellow musician at work will continue to push and inspire you to greater things on both the production and artistic side. The drums on the last few albums are indeed a huge improvement over the old, not only in the way that they sound, but also how they give the music a more natural rhythm. It seemed to me that some of your older songs weren't as fluid because of how the drumming turned out.

Music from the 70's is also my favorite. I think of it as a time when there was more variety and experimentation. AM stations back then played all sorts of genres, and you could find FM stations digging into a gold mine of album oriented rock, taking the time to explore the tracks that would never get commercial play now. The sounds of individual instruments also had more emphasis and clarity. Much of the music from the last decade or so suffers from sound overload that drowns out highlights, both subtle and bold.

One song that I wanted to comment about was Another Folk Song. The subject of the song is something I feel very strongly about. The last market collapse was a result of a financial scam that took twenty years of legislation to create, and our large corporations regularly intrude on both workers and consumers rights. Even though I admire your choice of topics, what I find more interesting is that you took this song from another album, fixed it up, changed the sound, and made it fit in Awaiting Armageddon as if you wrote it for the album. It shows me that despite the Black Sabbath undertones, this album really has your stamp of songwriting rather than just being an imitation of someone else.

Sounds like it will be a while before the next album will be out. I will be using the time to return to some of your previous works. First up on my list is The Eyelid Of God.


Leonel Garcia said...

Thanks Paul,

I agree with all you wrote but I think that the subject of "Another Folk Song" applies to the whole world not just corporate America, greed and power are poison and it will be the main ingredient to the demise of humanity. All the wars since the beginning of time, the genocide of the natives of the American continent by the Europeans during the colonization, the holocaust, the atomic bomb, slavery, environmental issues, all of those are related to hunger for power and greed while something like 60% of the people go to bed with a different kind of hunger (food).

I'm a little leftist so excuse me for all the ranting.

I'm still experimenting a lot with the software so yes it will be a while before the next album, maybe I will start writing and finish the last album I recorded using the old software; I will try to finish that one by late December.

I think The Eyelid Of God is one of my best albums but the drumming was done with a mouse, so it doesn't sound as natural as the last few albums, anyway it's a good start. I also recommend "Spectrum" and "Above The Clouds".

Happy Thanksgiving.