- Wednesday, August 10, 2011

La Résistance Française [2011]

La Résistance Française is my latest psychedelic album. This time I recorded a concept album and the theme is The French Resistance of WWII.

I don't speak/read the french language but I thought it would be nice to have the titles in french as the songs are actually related to french history,

The cover was painted by my son when he was three years old. I digitally edited the colors and designed yet another 50-60's jazz cover.

The songs are psychedelic but not 60's psychedelia, they're more like a Spacemen 3 tribute.

L'Appel Du 18 Juin

This was the first I recorded and thought of putting it on another album I have in queue, then I decided to record a whole album in this style and the theme stuck. The lyrics are about the historic speech of June 18 1940 by Charles de Gaulle on BBC Radio.

Charles André Joseph Marie De Gaulle
This is the one I like the least of all.

La Résistance Française
This now short instrumental was actually longer and it was going to be the centerpiece but I decided to cut it because the main guitar was too similar to Sonic Youth's "Sunday".

My favorite from the album just because it has some subtle changes even though is the same pattern for almost the entire song.

Forces Françaises Libres
A long instrumental.

Croix De Lorraine
A short instrumental.


I have two more albums to post for what's left of this year, one of them is another Stoner Rock album which was recorded earlier than this one you've read about. I need to write lyrics for both of them but apart from that they're pretty much finished.

NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ke6ngd41wtwrqnl/R%C3%A9sistance.rar?dl=0


Anonymous said...

I love your psychedelic albums and was pleased to see you return to the genre while still taking a different musical direction. The instruments sound great and your vocals fit in well with the style of songs. The overall production of songwriting, musicianship, and singing makes this one of your overall best albums if not the best I've heard. Your liner notes on the blog are a nice touch. I copied and pasted them into the album folder on my hard drive. The only thing really missing is a lyrics sheet, but I feel that way about all of your albums I like. La Résistance Français is short, sweet, rich with imagination and satisfying sound. No room here for distractions or filler. It is a very good album.

Thank you for keeping the blog alive and sharing your wonderful music!

Leonel Garcia said...

Thanks again Paul,

Your comments are always welcomed.

I think that playing real drums have made a difference in my songs. Well, they're real because I use drumsticks but the truth is they're ION Electric Drums. I plug the drum kit to my PC and then use a software to modify the poor sound of the ION head.

I'm glad you liked it and that it has a place in your heart/ears.