- Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lizard [2010]

Lizard is my latest album. An instrumental one. It contains keyboards, guitars, basses, computer drums on two tracks and real drums on the rest.

The front cover is from a picture of an iguana I took in St. Thomas and the back cover is from a picture I took in the Bahamas. I though people were going to find it horrible but I found out that people seem to like it.

This track was originally recorded when I started the "Road To The Soul" Sessions and I put it aside for later to include it on one of those experimental instrumental albums like "Hosted" and "Push Her". Well, I think Lizard is one of those albums.

Desert is actually "Auto-Circles" from "And Now... Something Completely Similar". The bass is from that song, the drums are new (and real). It sounds like a dub song.

This is a new recording from last week and contains keyboards, bass and computer percussion.

My favorite track from the album is an 18 minutes epic. It contains keyboards, bass and real drums.

ENJOY IT (if you're into experimental drone/trance music)

NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hi6dmtrkfjulhkj/Lizard.rar?dl=0

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