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And Now... Something Completely Similar [2010]

This album was originally written in 2004 and the original version includes a cover of "T.N.T." from AC/DC this time I decided to leave it behind.

This re-recorded version marks the first time that I play real drums and it really is an improvement maybe not on the sound but the playing flows better on this one.

I play a lot of keyboards and there are some surprizes including a New Wave/New Romantic song and four (yes four) reggae songs.

Dedicated to Janis Joplin, although I don't listen to her a lot I was impressed as a teenager when I first watched the Monterey Pop Film, I had heard Big brother & The Holding Co. before but you know the feeling when you go to a concert and you connect with the artist but if you listen to a recording of the same concert you'll love it but surely it won't be transcendental, anyway i think she was a victim of her own generation.

Black Dust
It has some skanking guitars but it's not supposed to be ska or reggae, I like it a lot.

Double tragic Blood
It was an instrumental on the original version so I wrote some lyrics a couple of weeks ago.
It has a bass line which I learned more than ten years ago. What's double tragic blood?, well I don't know, maybe diabetes???

This one was originally recorded on a cheaper Casio keyboard than the one I've used before. This version includes farfisa and synth and now sounds the way I wanted it to sound, just like an early 80's synth pop/New Wave/New Romantic song, it really is a tribute to that sound because I was raised on it, although it turned into shit in 1984 I still listen to a lot of those bands including Depeche Mode, OMD, Devo, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.......................................................................

Lost new World In The Year Of Our Victory
An instrumental sort of loop with increasing noises and a short guitar solo at the end of it.

No Other Level
This one is kind of a cousin of the "Connect The Polka Dots" album because it sounds like some of the songs in it. I'm satisfied with this version especially the drums.

This is another instrumental song that got the lyrics' treatment a couple of weeks ago and I never thought I was going to pull it off, I'm more than satisfied with this one, it's way better than the original.

He Chose No Path For You / Roads To Freedom / Your Choice / Choice Dub
The first reggae song of four in a row. It was supposed to be some sort of "God Suite". All except the instrumental dub are about what I believe is God.

This is an acoustic guitar piece I learned more than 15 years ago. I was going to write some lyrics but decided to leave it as it is, I think it has its own personality without words interfering. I like it a lot.

The Battle Of The Ants vs. The Sun
It has incredibly ridiculous lyrics but the music I like a lot and I'm also satisfied with the outcome of this version, because although the original was an ambitious one it lacked cohesion and the playing was so sloppy that you could almost compare it to The Shaggs.

Glide Divine You Satisfying Spectrum
One of my favorite songs from this album. It is a complete tribute to Spectrum (Sonic Boom's band). The Main theme is based on the song "How You Satisfy Me". I remember watching the video for that song on early 1993 and thinking: "These guys are insane, this is the coolest thing that's ever been aired on TV". If you've never heard of them or the song you're missing on something sweet, I mean the song is like the evil twin of "96 Tears".

Well, I hope you enjoy it.

NEW!!! LINK [Incuding Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3w9b8t5vvdrzufl/SomethingSimilar.rar?dl=0

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