- Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Eyelid Of God... [2009]

This album is now my favorite one of all I've recorded. It reminds me a lot of those early 70's albums by Gravy Train, Krokodil, Raw Material, etc. which is the music I listen to the most, but it has that indie rock quality of the 90's.

The title of the album was stolen from a line of "Waltz Of The New Moon" by The Incredible String Band.

I tried not to overdo the artwork and do it minimal so it can create some contrast with the ever changing movements of the songs.

The 1st song is my favorite because of the instrumental 3rd part of it which is noisy and disjointed but somehow melodic.

There's some $1 wood flute on the 2nd song; one of the shortest, it has more movements than most of the rest of the album but the flow is almost seamless.

The 3rd song has some funk guitar, evolves into an eastern little piece and then returns to the main theme at the end.

The words of the 4th song are about writer's block, which is always present in me because I'm not a natural writer or singer.

The 5th song is an instrumental with some strange noises all created with an electric and bass guitar.

The last song was the first I recorded from the album and the inspiration for the rest of them.

This album is full of suites and mood changes like some of the songs recorded by Paul McCartney in the early 70's like "Band On The Run" and "Uncle Albert" but the difference is that this one is mostly hard/progressive rock.

Please enjoy!!!

1. The Eyelid Of God...
2. Take My Hand And You'll Be Free
3. Prisoner Of Yourself
4. My Pen Doesn't Write Anymore
5. He Donated His Brain To Science (Fiction)
6. Life Ain't Sweet

NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4q1v03f79181wzq/Eyelid.rar?dl=0


Anonymous said...

Innerestin' ah feel
Ima take a lissin'

mike-floyd said...

Hi Leonel

- another fine album - I agree, probably your best yet.
I'll post it today on
Thanks for all your great work!


Leonel Garcia said...

Thanks Mike for listening and of course also for the post.