- Friday, January 9, 2009

The Black Lagoon [2009]

My second heavy rock album, an appropriate one to open this dark 2009, and I say dark because of the global economy as well as the three ongoing wars in the middle east

The truth is that I was listening to Sabbath's "Master Of Reality" a lot in December and it shows.

The themes of the songs are very odd and I'm not used to write these type of songs but I think they fit the overall feeling of the album.

The music, well, all six songs are almost equal to each other except "Ritual" which starts in the same vein as her sisters but it gets more similar to my latest extended experiments (especially when clocking at almost 18 minutes long).

The artwork is a cropped picture of St. Kitts on Good Friday 2008, while I was on a cruise ship with my wife and son.

Anyway this album is dedicated to my friend "The Ohio Carp" who really digs this type of music.

Enjoy and...

1. The Black Lagoon
2. Hostage Situation
3. Fangs
4. Winged Creature
5. The House At The End Of The Road
6. Ritual

NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n50ukogci7jcjw6/Lagoon.rar?dl=0


mike-floyd said...

Hi Leonel,

hope everything's okay with you - all the best for the new year.

Listened to your heavy rock masterpiece and liked it quite a lot. Especially - you know me and my taste - the longsong "Ritual".

The whole things sounds like a Black Sabbath hommage to me, very well done, great guitar work, especially on the last track, great riffing. Me myself am listening to Sabbath also quite a lot these days... Somwhow seems appropiate.
Only thing: the drumsound could probably be stronger, but then: I know how difficult it is to record a good drum sound, especially when you're recording everything by yourself.

GREAT WORK, that i will surely repost on homemade-lofi-psych in the future someday, if you don't mind.


Leonel Garcia said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the wishes, same to you too.

Also thanks for the comments, the drums were recorded that way on purpose (heavily compressed), I don't have acoustic drums, in fact I have computer drums, Reason 4.0 to be specific:
drumsticks = computer mouse.

Nicolas. said...

Many thankx for this. As usual, great music.

Leonel Garcia said...

No problem Nicolas and thanks to you for the comment.

mike-floyd said...

Hi Leonel,

posted on
today. Thanks for sharing!


Leonel Garcia said...

Thanks Mike.