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Social Tea (2008)

This is a special album for me and not at all in a good way, the original was my fourth; it contains nine songs that actually are about a not so good relationship I had with a girlfriend, the lyrics of those were written in 1998-99 but the original album was recorded in 2002-03.

It's also very special because of this new version which sounds really good I must say, so much cleaner than the original.

 - Miniature Brain
This one is actually about a Social "Tea" meeting with friends and the mentioned girlfriend, it was a strange night, the things you see, feel and hear when you're under the shitty tea, well that was another time, long gone.

- Cow Shit - Rainbows - Melted Walls -
Blues, Part 4 [Including Drums For Electricity]

These four songs are what I thought it would be the Social Tea Suite but I couldn't write any lyrics for it and then opted to separate the songs. The first two have an eastern feel.

- When You're Down
I now realize that one of this song's guitar parts is almost identical to Huxton Creepers' song "Slow Attack". All I can say is that it wasn't intentional. I love this one and the lyrics are about the state I was in while in the above mentioned relationship.

- Tunnel/The Bottom
Filler, filler, filler. One is an eastern guitar part (edited backwards) and the other a Dub Reggae track.

- Bottom Of The Sea
This one was actually written in 1996, it's not about any girlfriend and you could say the lyrics are similar to Yellow Submarine or Octopus's Garden, sort of like a children song. The music has a Caribbean feel.

- Link, Space
More filler on the reggae and Sci-Fi side.

- Put It Down (The Knife)
This one was inspired by Frank Zappa's "Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution", actually the recording technique used to speed up the guitar solo was what inspired me to do it.

The rest are pretty standard rock songs, except River Of Madness which is like a sister of those Social Tea Suite songs in that incorporates the eastern/blues part of those.

I hope you enjoy it and next year I will post the original album so you can compare the unbearable one to this little gem. REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENT!!!!

[The Bold Ones Are My Favorites]
1. Miniature Brain
2. Cow Shit
3. Rainbows
4. Melted Walls
5. Blues, Part 4 [including: Drums For Electricity]
6. When You're Down
7. Tunnel/The Bottom
8. Bottom Of The Sea
9. Link
10. We're Not The Same
11. Space
12. Try To Grow
13. Put It Down (The Knife)
14. Don't Give Up
15. Millions Of Words
16. Her Looks Are Deceiving
17. Going To Bed
18. I’m Not Gonna Hurt You
19. Night Time Is The Right Time
20. River Of Madness

NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kjkvthda2svbx82/Tea.rar?dl=0


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