- Friday, November 7, 2008

Throwing Punches (2008)

I recorded this song last night to celebrate the first year of this Blog.

The cover art was a five minute google search affair.

This improvised track was inspired by the people who enter this blog and never say "hello" or "I hate you", so if you are one of those consider yourself a lucky person I wrote this song about you and if you are one of the cool people who has graced this blog with comments please enjoy it, it really is for you!!!

NEW !!!LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/43qf711nls4z252/Punches.rar?dl=0


Anonymous said...

It has been a fantastic year with four or five of your albums ending up in my list of all time favorites. That is an astonishing achievement no other artist can match. The blog theme looks beautiful, with the album art, liner notes, and alternative tracks all adding to make this a real pleasure to visit.


Leonel Garcia said...

Hi Paul,

I'm honored that not one but some of my albums have ended on that list that I'm sure is very impressive. So thanks again for the always warm comments.