- Saturday, November 1, 2008

Slavery Ends With Art (2008)

This is my latest album and I'm pretty sure the last one for 2008.

I designed the artwork to be some sort of tribute to the 50's early 60's artwork mostly done for jazz albums.

I believe this album is the best of the four I recorded in 2008, it's almost a sampler of the three preceding albums.

- Like a Disease
It was recorded originally for an old album called SOCIAL TEA (which I will re-record later). It was an instrumental and I added lyrics for this new album.

- Winter Time
A Bossanova tune. I recorded a similar but electric song for "UNFINISHED REPORT..." and discarded. This time I chose to exchange the electric guitar for an acoustic and write new lyrics more fitting to the song.

- Neurogenesis (First Thoughts)
This song was born after an invitation/challenge from Mike-Floyd author of the Homemade Lo-Fi Psych blog to record a song about Embryo Thoughts. I'm proud of the thing.

- Geometric Lapses of Unconscious Landscapes / Constant Shadows
These are some of those avant-garde songs I seem to squeeze into most of my albums and you should know that I will keep doing these songs for as long as I play the guitar, I just love them.

- Sold To The Polls
A piano piece from 2005, recorded on the same sessions that produced BLUE BRAIN FLU's Mysery. I added bass, drums, lyrics and voice for this album.

- Screwed
One of my favorite songs from this album, it's very similar to some of the tracks from DESTINATION: SATURN.

- Lost Your Bubbles In a Half Empy Glass Of Champagne
This one is actually a deleted part of FILTH's Zanzibar.

- Walk The Land
A percussion saturated track with an eastern solo.

- Dreams Never End / Regarding Your Expectations
Mixed feelings about this one, don't know what to say...
I like them but if I had to do a "best of" collection I wouldn't use them.

- Making Caramel Under The Bridge
Art? You'll be the judge.


1. Like a Disease
2. Winter Time
3. Neurogenesis (First Thoughts)
4. Geometric Lapses Of Unconscious Landscapes
5. Sold To The Polls
6. Screwed
7. Lost Your Bubbles In a Half Empty Glass Of Champagne
8. Walk The Land
9. Dreams Never End
10. Regarding Your Expectations
11. Constant Shadows
12. Making Caramel Under The Bridge

NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/543pplak0r8a4hi/SlaveryArt.rar?dl=0


mike-floyd said...

Hi Leonel,

downloading right now; will listen as soon as I find the time and probably repost it on
in the next week(s).


mike-floyd said...

Again a very competent neo-psych record with tight playing and very good compositions. The track "Neurogenesis (First Thoughts)" is a great song with interesting lyrics -thanks again for contributing it to HLFP 02.
I hear some traces of late KING-CRIMSON-ROBERT-FRIPP-guitar playing on some tracks (e. g. beginning of "Geometric Lapses Of Unconscious Landscapes" – one of my favourite tracks) and hints of TALKING-HEADS rhythmical weirdness ("Walk the Land", "Lost Your Bubbles in An Half Empty Glass of Champagne"), but the real surprise is the song "Winter Time" that comes along as a bossanova!

Great cover art, by the way.

All the best,

Leonel Garcia said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it. By the way thanks for the comparison, both bands were fantastic.


RevRev said...

Just downloaded from homemadelofi. Can't wait to hear this, as I have enjoyed you work in the past. The sun is coming up so it's off to bed for me. Will listen in a few hours. Thanks for showing that music is more than the corporate-designated flavor of the month.
Blessings to you and yours.

Leonel Garcia said...

Hi revrev,

Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad there are people who feel that way about music.


Dharma Bummer said...

Hey Leonel! I already posted the following comment recently on the homemade lofi psych blog but thought I'd repost it here...

"Having spent some weeks absorbing and enjoying "Wooden Flower", I thought I'd take "Slavery" for a spin. Very accomplished stuff, and while you could name influences, Mr. Garcia is clearly treading his own idiosyncratic path.

"Interestingly enough, my favorite tracks are all ones that Mike had mentioned - "Like a Disease" reminds me of a more minimalist version of modern Flaming Lips with a Frank Black-like vocal, "Winter Time" is a lovely bit of bossa nova where claps of thunder are used to great musical effect, and "Lost Your Bubbles..." raises the spectre of the Eno-abetted Talking Heads.

"Those are just the most striking tracks from my first few listenings, but this is good stuff from beginning to end! Viva Leonel!"

Leonel Garcia said...

Hi DM,

It feels pretty good to have a great artist comment on one of my albums, I have enjoyed your music too and admire your style.

I have not visited the HMLF blog for some time and didn't notice your comment and more important your new project which I will download as soon as I finish this comment.