- Monday, September 22, 2008

Filth (2008)

My latest album, a Funk Rock album.

It contains no covers, but at the same time it has more solos than a Grateful Dead concert.

The basic tracks were recorded in march 2008 but I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals last week (and it shows!!!).

This one is like "Connect The Polka Dots" in that it's not a psychedelic album at all but it's more mature than the one mentioned.

I'm proud of it but don't know what else to write about it so please enjoy and comment.

1. You Won The Crown
2. The Crowning Of The South
3. The Race
4. Small Freaky Head
5. Zanzibar
6. Filthy Mind
7. Uncovered Grave

NEW!!! LINK (Including Artwork): https://www.dropbox.com/s/nuu7n5ositnwz0a/Filth.rar?dl=0

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