- Friday, September 12, 2008

Connect The Polka Dots (2008)

This is my latest album recorded between January and September 2008, actually the music was finished in may when I posted the "Blue Brain Flu" album but I've been so lazy that I just couldn't write or sing songs (procrastination has been in full effect this year).

The album contains 5 cover songs:

1. Ni Chicha Ni Limona
This song was written and recorded by the martyr VĂ­ctor Jara, a Chilean songwriter whose own government killed along with thousands in the Chile Stadium. You can find out more about this great Latin American here: Victor_Jara

3. 36-24-36
It was written by Violent Femmes' singer/guitarist Gordon Gano, one of my favorite bands of the 80's, the Violent Femmes played songs that reflected introspective youth, although this song doesn't reflect that, I think it fits this album.

7. Given the Dog A Bone
Ac/Dc !!!!!!.... I just can imagine you listening to my version and thinking: Is this guy real?, is this a joke?, well it's no joke I like them I can't sing like Brian Johnson or Bon Scott but still think their early albums especially with Bon Scott are influential as anything from the 70's.

9. Wanted Man (Outlaw Man)
Written by David Blue, this song is one of my favorite songs played by the Eagles, I've only heard their version so mine it's inspired by theirs.

12. Sam Stone
This one is a really great song and very fitting in these times of war. It was written and recorded by John Prine, a country songwriter whose debut album is a masterpiece. This song inspired me to write The Good War which was "coincidentally" placed right after Sam Stone on this album.

Most of the rest of the album was inspired by The Rolling Stones' kind of old style rock 'n roll mixed with my own style.

I have a couple of albums in the can, one that only needs lyrics and another in the process of recording the basic tracks; I only wish I don't get so lazy as I have been most of this year.

Hope you enjoy it. Leonel Garcia

1. Ni Chicha Ni Limona
2. Connect The Polka Dots
3. 36-24-36
4. A New Kind Of Senior Citizen
5. Colourful Rumours
6. Firehoses And Warhorses
7. Given The Dog A Bone
8. When I See You
9. Wanted Man (Outlaw Man)
10. I Saw You Today
11. Do I Seem Desperate? (I Guess I Do)
12. Sam Stone
13. The "Good" War
14. Rough Sketch Of What's Inside
15. Whatever You Say

NEW!!! LINK (Including Artwork): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8f1ypsbsmfaq61z/PolkaD.rar?dl=0


Anonymous said...

Thankx for your music. For me is fantastic.


Leonel Garcia said...

Hey Louis, thank YOU.