- Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Electric Laser Church Of Agnostic Gnomes [2009]

Yet another album from 2009 (my 5th this year), this time a psychedelic concept album about religion and some people who go to church looking for who knows what and never find it.

I'm not saying all people who go to church are not sure why they go but some aren't and that's what this is about.

The first song, Sunday Morning, is a mellow track with an acoustic guitar basic track and a lot of keyboards which are hardly noticeable.

The second, Another Ceremony, the center, longer piece and my favorite from the album, it contains many sections and for me they all are fabulous and exciting, and although is 17 minutes long it feels like is 10 minutes shorter because it never gets tiresome (I think).

The third and final song, Heaven (At Home) is an instrumental track done with just two keyboard tracks (no guitars, drums or bass), it's very relaxing and have an avant-garde feel.

If you can believe it, the artwork is from a Disney on Ice show picture that my wife took when she and my son went to see it on the summer of 2008.

Well I hope you enjoy it, I know I am already.

1. Sunday Morning [10:19]
2. Another Ceremony [17:06]
3. Heaven (At Home) [9:43]

NEW!!! LINK [Including Artwork]: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37711895/Agnostic.rar


Anonymous said...

To be filed under the better late than never category is my impression of Electric Laser Church of Agnostic Gnomes. I find it appropriate to write this on a Sunday since this album is one of those components in life, like an early morning bike ride, that I would consider to be part of my heaven at home - if I may borrow the expression.

The are many songs of yours that are absolutely brilliant, they come in a diverse manner of shapes and flavors. However, the type of songs recorded here represents what I love most from your music. There is no rushing these songs to their conclusion, they unfold in a slow and pleasurable manner à la Marquee Moon and Ritual.

Speaking of your song Ritual, it's title and lyrics (humorous, might I add)are closely connected to this album, at least they are from my perspective. Today's church goers might as well still be sacrificing virgins for the sake of their peace of mind. At my age, I have no use for virgins anyway.

There are three amazing songs here but Another Ceremony stands out as a masterpiece. I don't own great speakers but listening to it on my Sennheiser HD 595 headphones and an Asus sound card is nothing short of sheer pleasure. In fact, a good sound set up allows every song here to come to life in it's own special way.

Electric Laser Church is on a very short list of album favorites, I've spent a lot of time thinking about it and apologize for taking so long to write something to express my extreme gratitude.


Leonel Garcia said...

Oh man, this is a great compliment considering that I think this is one of my worst albums. I also think that "Another Ceremony" is a masterpiece and one of my best songs but apart from that I think it's worthless, mostly because the songs have no meter except the one mentioned before; it seems they are outtakes from a Shaggs album.

Leonel Garcia said...

I have the Sennheiser HD 201s headphones and a Sound Blaster Recon 3D Sound Card.